"Spellbound: Scenografia di un Sogno" is a thrilling museum tour in the Basilica of Pietrasanta in Naples that culminates with the exhibition of Spellbound, a majestic and monumental painting, scenography created in 1945 by Salvador Dalífor the homonymous film by Alfred Hitchcock, and exhibited for the first time in Europe. Thus a path unfolds through themes that touch both the surrealist art of the Catalan master and the impressions of the thriller film genre.

Dalí Universe

Over 100 artworks including bronze sculptures, Daum glassworks, graphics, illustrated books, Dalinian tarot cards, priceless design objects and surrealist furnishings. These are symbolic artworks, which trace the entire surrealist iconography of the Catalan master, some of them never exhibited before in Italy. Through this exhibition, we see a Dalí less known to the general public, a multifaceted artist: painter, sculptor, designer, illustrator and even set designer.


The exceptional location is the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore known as “Pietrasanta”. The seventeenth-century Basilica, a Neapolitan unicum, amidst myths, legends and miracles, hides stories and artefacts from the Greco-Roman period, but also, in its basements, anti-aircraft shelters from the Second World War. La Pietrasanta stands out in Via Dei Tribunali, in the beating heart of the historic centre of Naples.

In its naves, in the contrasts between light and shadow that surround the choir, Dalinian works to acquire a new expressive depth and an unparalleled historical value.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was not only a painter but also a multifaceted and eclectic artist in the true sense of the word. He has been widely recognized as a sculptor, writer, illustrator, director, set designer, jewellery designer and more.

His relationship with cinema as a means of expression began with his collaboration with director Luis Buñuel, and in Hitchcock's film he created one of the most iconic moments in the history of cinema


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From April14th 2022 to September 30th 2022 the exhibition is opened every day from 10 AM to 8PM

N.B. The last entrance and closing of the ticket office are scheduled an hour before the closure of the complex.

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Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta
Piazzetta Pietrasanta 17 - 18, 80138 (NA)