Dalí Universe is a company specializing in Salvador Dalí, managingone of the largest private collections of Dalí artworks in the world. The organization is headed by Mr Beniamino Levi, an Italian art dealer and collector who worked with Dalí during the 1960s.
Beniamino Levi was fascinated by Dalí’s ability in using different mediums and dedicated his entire life to collecting Dalí's artworks, focusing on three-dimensional creations.

In fact, today’s Dalí Universe artwork collection is a result of years of endeavour by Mr Levi, who began collecting Dalí when he opened Galleria Levi in Milan in 1955. Beniamino Levi is not only a world-recognized expert on Salvador Dalí and Modern Art, he was there when it all happened.

The Dalí Universe Collection features the largest grouping of Salvador Dalí bronze sculptures, surrealist furniture, gold objects, glass sculpture, hand-signed graphics, gouaches and many other artworks. Passionately assembled over the past 40 years, this unique collection speaks for itself: it is one of the world’s most significant collections of Dalí sculptures and three-dimensional artworks.

Artworks from the collection have toured and been loaned to over one hundred prestigious museums and locations worldwide, and have been seen by more than twelve million visitors. This extraordinary collection brings to light a previously unknown aspect of Dalí’s work, allowing sculpture to take on an important role.


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